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Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants, Great Food & Website Content

Like most firms that engage in website development, clients occasionally come to us and say,  “We want you to build a website for us and we want you to make it interactive.” Our response to this request is always to ask a few more questions.  We ask, what business goal are we trying to achieve? Who is the audience? And finally, what do we know about them?

After answering these questions, we start to outline the content required to shape the experience. Inevitably, this conversation causes the project to slow down. While everyone understands that their website will contain content, they often have a hard time with the idea that the content is the website itself. We cannot create a sitemap, wireframes or design until we know what content will be on the site. In their purest form, websites are simply vehicles to display content in order to facilitate an experience for a customer that supports a business goal.

Great content is like great food. Everyone has their favorite hole in the wall restaurant. The interior is old, the bathrooms are passable, the service is adequate, and they may only take cash, but the food is what keeps you coming back. You find yourself apologizing to the people you take with you, until the food arrives. Once they dive into that first bite, they understand exactly why you came.

Website content is the same way. That cool interactive element will not keep customers coming back. However, great content that is created with the goals of your audience in mind and is continuously updated will keep them coming back and achieve your business goals.


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