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Four Reasons to Invest in B2B Multichannel eCommerce This Year

As the year begins, many companies are evaluating how best to move their B2B eCommerce projects forward. Therefore, there is no better time to identify four major reasons that B2B eCommerce investments can be valuable. Such investments increase loyalty & AOV, drive growth, lower costs, and drive leads.

Increase Loyalty & Average Order Value (AOV)

Forrester found that customers who are migrated online after being acquired offline, as a lead, are more likely to be repeat customers and long term clients. Even further, customers that interact with more than one of your touchpoints (online, apps, call center, vending machine/tool crib, sales rep) tend to be more loyal. Finally, the article adds that customers who are migrated online tend to have a higher Average Order Value after migration.

Drive Growth

Enterprise customers are critical for B2B manufacturers and distributors. Landing large key accounts is essential to the success of your business. Yet, the problem is that there are only so many enterprise level customers in the market. Thus, eCommerce makes it possible to service smaller customers with lower customer lifetime values, those with smaller order sizes and infrequent purchases, through the use of self service tools, call centers and online support.

Segmenting your customers by lifetime value and building customer journeys targeted to their needs can turn a slow growth offline business into a higher growth online business. In doing so, you have the capability to steal share from companies that choose not to innovate their commerce initiatives.

Lower Costs

In the same way that it is possible to spur growth by going after lower customer lifetime value clients with eCommerce, it is also possible to empower smaller customers to support themselves. Self-service portals and online tools, like chat, can decrease time spent by sales reps and free them up to support larger clients.

Drive Leads

Lead generation from potential high customer lifetime value prospects can be the best reason to focus on multichannel ecommerce. Leads can be more valuable in the long term than one-off eCommerce sales. Your eCommerce site combined with marketing content supported by a fully functional CMS can be a fertile platform to drive leads.

This is because high customer lifetime value clients may not purchase online but will do research about solutions and options online. Leveraging your marketing and solutions content with your product catalog through unified search can be a powerful research and lead generation tool.

Take advantage of these reasons to improve your business performance in 2014.


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