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Harnessing the Power of Your Brand Part 2

If you've read the first half of the “Harnessing the Power of Your Brand” blog post and have viewed some of the incredible work done by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners on the Got Milk? Campaign, you can agree that a clear voice has been established and a personality is starting to emerge and take shape for the brand.  If you haven’t checked out the campaign, I would highly recommend you do so now.

While the current interactive experience of the campaign takes a much more practical and conservative approach than version discussed in my previous post, it still manages to inject a level of interactive engagement within each section. There is, however, a standalone site that they have developed titled, "The Science of Imitation Milk." This site puts two kids in a laboratory in which you help guide them in creating various forms of imitation milk. Once again, this helps further establish the brand as being witty, as the site is laced with dry humor.

At the onset of the site, you are given the choice to navigate either via computer or mobile device.


If you choose to use your cell phone, as shown above, you will be prompted with a four digit code that you then need to enter into the mobile version of the site.  From this point forward, your phone will act as the remote control for the website. This is a perfect example of the type of innovative solution and outside-the-box thinking that I have now come to expect from the brand with every new campaign that is released. 

Thus, the comical approach of fending off the current influx of healthy milk alternatives and the way in which it is presented have become genuine reflections of the brand personality and identity. This is a truly great example of the agency & client seamlessly working together to break new grounds and offer a solution that caters to the precise needs of their audience.

I think a lot can be gleaned from this series of campaigns because of the brand's ability to continually reinvent itself, while still maintaining a consistent brand image and voice throughout. I look forward to seeing what new face the California Milk Board will be given in the next iteration of white gold milky goodness!







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