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MarketTech 2.0: Why 2013 Will Bring Increased Consolidation of Marketing Technologies

Whether you are the Chief Marketing Officer of a small, local business or a Global 2000 brand, the number of marketing tools your team is asking you to purchase today is likely overwhelming. While rapid innovation of digital marketing technologies is helping to transform Marketing “into the new Finance” with their ability to measure and track ROI, the plethora of solutions also presents a conundrum for CMOs trying to allocate scarce resources in a time of increasingly constrained budgets.

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Posted by Byron Bardy

What is the Digital Marketing Ecosystem?

Today customers are constantly exposed to digital marketing messages from all sides. They interact with and consume content in a variety of channels. The challenge facing marketers in this fast-paced content focused world is two-fold. First, how do you engage your prospects and customers in a meaningful way? Second, how do you gather this information to generate qualified leads to send your sales team and ultimately have those leads convert?

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Posted by Erin Creaney

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