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Harnessing the Power of Your Brand Part 2

A deeper look into the Science of Imitation Milk website & the overall brand identity created from the Got Milk? Campaigns.

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Posted by Michael Biebart

How to select an eCommerce platform

As an interactive agency specializing in B2B and B2C eCommerce, we are frequently asked by clients to assess their eCommerce platforms needs. To do this, we ask a series of questions that focus on business needs and goals, customers, business processes, legacy systems, marketing and merchandising needs and system scalability. The purpose of these questions is to highlight the business issues, aspirations and constraints that will determine the success of the new platform.

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Posted by Michael Davies

Let's Build a Component

My favorite task as a front-end developer is building jQuery components. Sometimes this is not necessary – other devs have created many great plug-ins for open use. When I can’t find the plug-in I need, I’ll begin planning for a custom solution.

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Posted by Katie O'Connor

Hi, I'm John Nardelli

I’m John. I am one of AlphaZeta’s lead developers who controls the AlphaZeta Network. A resident of Tinley Park, I even have my own server room in my house. I spend most of my free time participating in reading, or playing games like Star Craft and Battlefield 3.

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Posted by John Nardelli

Front End Development - Keeping it all together

I’ve been at Alphazeta since March, working on client sites, creating html and css layouts, and jquery UI. Building presentation elements of dynamic websites is a passion of mine. You need to look at the project like cleaning a house.

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Posted by Katie O'Connor

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