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Hi, I'm Amanda Elsasser

I’m Amanda. I am the marketing intern for AlphaZeta Interactive. An undergrad of DePaul University, I have a passion for marketing and advertising. Here at AlphaZeta, I am responsible for the company's social media platforms and various marketing communications.

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Posted by Amanda Elsasser

Strong Get Stronger

As someone who competes in triathlons, I’m always looking out for ways to get faster. I believe that one of those ways is to emulate people who ARE faster. As a result, I’ve become increasingly in tune when in the presence of said studs. Whether it’s in the pool, on the track or on the trails, seeing these folks performing at a high level is always a wonder to behold. It was not till recently that a revelation struck me – I kept seeing these same people over and over again.

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Posted by Joe Teeravechyan

7 Ways to Green Your Workplace

Seven ways to “Green” your Workplace. The first thing that each of us can do is to green our commute. We waste billions of gallons of gas in traffic each year. Ease some of this by carpooling, taking public transit, biking, walking, or a creative combination thereof. Check out this new ridesharing app called SideCar...

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Posted by Bonnie Borkowski

Hi, I'm John Nardelli

I’m John. I am one of AlphaZeta’s lead developers who controls the AlphaZeta Network. A resident of Tinley Park, I even have my own server room in my house. I spend most of my free time participating in reading, or playing games like Star Craft and Battlefield 3.

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Posted by John Nardelli

Hi, I'm Marc Blackwell

Hi, I’m Marc. I’ve been on the AlphaZeta team for 3 years and have been in the industry for over 6 years, and am currently the acting eCommerce Supervisor for Motorola Mobility Inc.

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Posted by Marc Blackwell

Hi, I'm Michael Davies

Hi, I’m Michael. I’m the CEO, President and founding partner of AlphaZeta Interacive. I’m really proud of the award winning interactive campaigns and client work we've developed over the years. We’ve won awards such as the Telly’s, Horizon Interactive Awards, B2B Magazine People’s Choice Award, and the Davey Awards.

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Posted by Michael Davies

Hi, I'm Mike Biebart

I’m Mike, the Art Director here at AlphaZeta and I have been involved in the interactive space for a while now. My passion for design comes from my love of architecture and industrial design and I am a minimalist at heart who is a total fanatic when it comes to mid century modern furniture design.

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Posted by Michael Biebart

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