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Expert EPiServer Commerce Partner

AlphaZeta Interactive is an EPiServer Premium Solution Partner.

AlphaZeta Interactive is an EPiServer Premium Solution Partner and an experienced ecommerce agency. We feel that what sets us apart from other interactive agencies is our approach. We feel that good enough is not really good enough anymore — it takes exceptional experiences to connect with today’s audiences. Further, we understand that every ecommerce project is about selling more products and building a long lasting relationship with each customer.

EPiServer Commerce offers the core functionality that is required to build long lasting relationships with your customers. EPiServer is a rich digital marketing solution that can drive traffic and conversions.

AlphaZeta Interactive can implement that functionality in a way that can improve the performance of your ecommerce business.

EPiServer Commerce functionality includes:

  • Scalable .NET ecommerce platform configurable for optimized user journey and customer experience
  • Seamless integration with back office systems
  • Customer and order management
  • Optional PIM for enriched product information and complex catalog management
  • Bulk catalog upload
  • Robust promotion engine
  • Manage and sell digital products
  • Personalization
  • A/B testing
  • Product comparisons and associations
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Optional behavioral merchandising to move high margin products or excess stock
  • Multiple Store fronts
  • Multi-Lingual/Multi-Currency
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Social media integration and tracking
  • SEO support
  • Campaign monitoring and optimization