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EZWebPlayer Video Hosting & Sharing — the simple, affordable, right-featured online video player.

Developed BY Business FOR Business

The EZWebPlayer Video Management SaaS (Software as a Service) was developed by a business entrepreneur for his own business. EZWebPlayer is expanding and growing as more and more businesses discover how quick and easy it is to host and share UNLIMITED web video on EZWebPlayer.

With EZWebPlayer, you’ll deploy web video to different groups and individuals through virtually every online device without being hindered by Windows/Mac platform conflicts; email restrictions; bandwidth costs; file types; local technical limitations; or limitations of staff time and/or tech skills.

EZWebPlayer is EASY – EZ hosting, EZ sharing, EZ control

EZWebPlayer makes video hosting — placing videos online — easy. It’s a remarkably simple video management solution in one user-friendly, feature-packed player. EZWebPlayer gives you key features including Video on Demand, Live Streaming, and depending which of our three subscription levels you choose, you can also have domain rebranding, branded video sharing, user logins, mobile support, reselling, and much more.

What’s domain rebranding? Put your “TechDemo” video on YouTube and its web address is—whatever--. Put it on EZWebPlayer and you can share it using your own custom URL – like For all-important professionalism in today’s sophisticated cyber world you’ll get extra points by bearing YOUR company ID, no one else’s.

The different & better video hosting & sharing solution

Before EZWebPlayer, businesses had limited ways to put videos online. We’ve developed EZWebPlayer to fill the niche between consumer-level players and wildly expensive, over-featured Enterprise Level players. Your video SHOULD be on YouTube to take advantage of its SEO benefits. But it’s far from perfect and shouldn’t be your ONLY video host: when your video finishes playing, your competitors’ videos pop up! Ordinary Enterprise Level video platforms give you great control but are far more complex — and a whole lot more expensive -- than most businesses can handle.

Affordable Access to Amazon Web Services

EZWebPlayer is the ultimate tool set and business model for managing video for any business profile, whether small, medium, or large. With today’s high costs for bandwidth services, EZWebPlayer is even more attractive. Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives us full Amazon services at volume discounts – and we pass the savings along to you. This makes high-tech advantages of that global leader available and affordable for any business. You get S3 storage, CloudFront high speed video delivery, Zencoder for video transcoding, Live Streaming and more without the worry of tech issues or overage charges.

Free Trial – upload 5 videos 100% FREE - no cards, no commitment

EZWebPlayer is the new, different, and better video hosting solution. Visit to see all the features and affordable pricing. Email, call, or chat for more information and sign up for your free trial.