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Aon Hewitt

Aon Hewitt Merger Announcement

In late 2010, Aon and Hewitt merged to become the largest human capital consulting and outsourcing firm in the world. Together, they serve over 50% of the Fortune 500. Aon needed a trusted partner to develop communications for the forthcoming merger.


AlphaZeta was engaged to develop a digital communications strategy and a major microsite execution. Our strategy needed to highlight key facts while offering a branded experience in keeping with Aon's guidelines. We knew instantly that content hierarchy and presentation were critical for any strategic announcement.

Knowing that both private users and news publications would use the site as a primary source, the microsite was structured to deliver small factoids and in-depth content simultaneously. Users were invited to skim major themes and/or dive deeper into granular topics, such as executive bios, as desired.


AlphaZeta moved quickly, produced a messaging strategy and corresponding design inspired by existing Aon Hewitt imagery—a butterfly with red and blue wings. Set against a white background, the red and blue wings provided a visual theme to emphasize essential subject areas.

We felt it was critical to leverage interactive design elements and reflect the sophistication of the brands. Executive bios were displayed in carousel. A fluid animation of the butterfly was created to give life to the homepage.

aonProcess.jpg created a credible presence for a multinational merger—weaving two major brands together with a fresh, cohesive message. The microsite has become a supporting pillar in the overall story of Aon Hewitt, with key touch-points being referenced across media outlets.