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B2B eCommerce Site With a Comprehensive and Focused User Experience

IRSG is a manufacturer of B2C storage solutions located in the Chicago suburb of Itasca. In late 2011, IRSG was acquired by Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc. and needed it’s own differentiated site. B2B customers know Pipp Mobile and now, IRSG, as a “one stop shop” with a full line of backroom storage solutions. Pipp Mobile asked AlphaZeta Interactive to build a stand-alone eCommerce web site for IRSG featuring a sub-section of IRSG’s fastest, moving products.


Phase 1 of this project included selection and implementation of a CMS and eCommerce solution, as well as a modern sleek design that provided a comprehensive but focused user experience. Future phases of the site will include a full catalog with product search and full eCommerce capability.


The primary goal established for the site was to create a content-supported, eCommerce-structured experience that organized and delivered products to the user, and in verticals that made intuitive sense. AlphaZeta started with redesigning the catalogue architecture to work in an eCommerce experience. We then used a combination of audience work and content strategy to identify the key messaging needed to engage each audience group according to their selected vertical product needs. IRSG had limited supporting creative, so we designed a slideshow experience to reflect the custom strengths of the product as well as how it translates to the end customer - in store.

irsg_process.jpg was launched in time for the annual Global Shop Trade Show to support the sales team. It is also positioned to be a resource for the Pipp Mobile team, as there are many cross-sell opportunities between the divisions products. The site now incorporates sleek design, strong creative, and an intuitive catalogue, all factors that lead to a comprehensive eCommerce user experience.