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Motorola eCommerce

Official Motorola store redesign resulting in increased AOV and more than double conversion rates

AlphaZeta directed the strategic and creative reboot of the official Motorola store—built to reflect a comprehensive branding refresh for all of Motorola. The site launched with not only a fresh look and feel but also with a totally revamped eCommerce platform.


Our integrated redesign ran in parallel with the Motorola rebrand. Designed to live in tandem with the new incarnation of "," our site honored branding guidelines developed by the Motorola Global Marketing Team while setting the stage for a unique sales experience.

The site, first and foremost, is an eCommerce venture for consumers seeking products direct from the manufacturer. To advance each sale, we honed in on the functional AND emotional needs of the user. Balancing an iconic brand with the goal of making sales was a challenge that AlphaZeta embraced.


AlphaZeta partnered with the Motorola eCommerce team in conducting an eCommerce platform technical review. The question at hand: whether to transition from a currently implemented platform to new a SaaS model.

After months of demos and presentations, the Motorola Business Team made the decision to move forward with the Amazon Seller Services Web Platform 2.0 solution.

With this new technological platform came new capabilities for design and visual presentation. Through the Amazon platform, we gained fluid user click-and-response times and the ability to leverage powerful tools for rich cross-marketing and up-selling.


Since launch, enhancement has been continuous. We've employed analytics tracking tools to make constant refinements, such as updating Home Page elements and product details. Through our redesign, we've seen:

  • Average Order Items jump from 1.2/order to 2.2/order
  • AOV increased by 6%
  • Conversion Rate more than doubled
  • Bounce Rate declined by 23%
  • Site search usage drop 35% after implementing new a homepage design, people were able to find what they were looking for faster
  • Pages per visit increased 22% - these do not include check-out pages

In execution and practice, this site has never been a "carved in stone" experience. Teaming with Motorola, an especially agile client culture, has given our team the capability to continually make improvements in line with site metrics.