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TapeTech Redesign

eCommerce focused design strategy engages users throughout the customer buying lifecycle

AlphaZeta Interactive was asked to redesign to reflect market leadership, promote benefits of using automatic taping tools, and to empower customers to purchase online. The ultimate goal for the site was to reach and engage current and potential TapeTech customers by creating a destination for information and an efficient eCommerce experience.


The two main pillars of this site are about engaging users within the customer buying lifecycle and designing for the eCommerce experience. The strategy for this redesign was to create a simple, organized site that positions the user at the center of the experience and to connect with those users as they progressed through the customer buying lifecycle. The site should ultimately reflect trust in the brand, provide accessibility to the product, and activate customers to make purchases.


AlphaZeta used persona and experience strategy work to map user experience to the customer buying lifecycle, and identified messaging to move them through to conversion. We also positioned the creative and content to show the user that TapeTech is a market leading company with superior tools. Not only can the user trust the company, they could trust the quality of the product they are purchasing. Additionally, we designed the eCommerce experience to give the audience instant access to what they need and instant response to their actions. The experience needed to make it simple to find products, view product information, and check technical specs. This included intuitive navigation, quick search, and recommended products that all contribute to a simple user experience on the site. Lastly, we engaged the strategy through the design process to promote participation, action, and follow-through with the target audience.


As a result was relaunched and now shows category leadership with a clean and thoughtful user experience, which conveys the benefits of using TapeTech tools. Through an eCommerce-focused design strategy, AlphaZeta Interactive created an engaging destination for a robust catalog with multiple types of product and supporting content that engaged the user to move through the customer buying lifecycle. The site is the recipient of the 2011 Marketing Star Award for Web Design & Catalog from the Construction Marketing Association.