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AlphaZeta takes an integrated view of eCommerce. We believe a successful eCommerce program is a combination of qualified traffic, the right platform, an engaging user experience, efficient buyer flow, strong merchandising and continuous analysis. Without all of these elements, your eCommerce program will not achieve it's potential.

We always start with the basics - what are we selling, who is the consumer and what are the consumer's goals? From there, we determine how to create a user experience that will help us achieve those goals. Next, we determine what platform to use or how we can adapt an existing platform to meet our experience goals. After, we have the platform in place, we create the buyer flow and merchandising plan for the site.

Throughout the process, we test. We constantly review how the changes we are making are effecting the traffic the site receives, the average order value of each transaction, the conversion rate, and frequency of repeat purchases by existing customers.

Finally, we review all the current traffic sources, their conversion rates and average order values, to determine which visitors are most valuable and which channel drove them to us. Then we examine how best to expand those channels and drive additional revenue.

To see our philosophy in action, visit some of our award-winning eCommerce sites: