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2009 Holiday Cardc

Every year, AlphaZeta creates an interactive holiday card for clients and friends. The goal is to provide a fun, light-hearted experience while boosting company affinity and awareness.

In 2009, our cards blended classic holiday stories with the crowd-sourcing spontaneity of Mad Libs. Through social media, these stories could be completed by individuals or groups of friends.

Leveraging the convention of the traditional holiday card, we showcased the power of a still under-utilized platform: social media. Instead of marketing social for social's sake, we preferred to get to the root of the issue.

We asked ourselves: what's something normally reserved for in-person interactions that we can dial up in digital? Our creative answer: Holiday Mad Libs.

We selected four holiday stories to reimagine as Mad Libs and created a unique elf character to host each experience. These elves had attitude. If you took too long to fill in your words, the elf became impatient. If you entered an inappropriate term, the elf scolded you.

To add to the fun, users chose to complete a story by themselves or with friends. Clever use of email notifications and social media posts took the stories to another level.

Our cards created a special occasion for users, a reason to share the season through technology. Social media became our collective means not only to promote the cards but also for users to post and discuss their completed Mad Libs.

Emailed to clients, friends and family of AlphaZeta, we boasted a 29% email open rate and 12% unique click-through rate to each card. Carefully considering our target audience, we tailored for mobile- and office-friendly consumption. Filters were employed to block offensive words. CSS and Javascript were utilized to animate and optimize for mobile.