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Heidrick & Struggles

Global Talent Index Infographic

Heidrick & Struggles, together with the Economist Intelligence Unit, developed a Global Talent Index to measure both current and future global talent trends in the workforce.

AlphaZeta was presented with a unique challenge: to take a wealth of subject-matter data and make it visual. We built an interactive infographic, displaying and inter-relating all results at a glance.

The Global Talent Index contains data for 60 countries with factors that make up the overall talent index score like Quality of Labor Force, Quality of Education and Environment to Nurture Talent.

Considering the sheer amount of data, our visual solution needed to be intuitive and instantaneous. We created a dynamically populated slider, with simple controls to view country data. This empowered the user to quickly and easily switch between data indexes.

Determining Flash to be the optimal method of data delivery in a dynamic environment, we created a smooth interface to parse the data in a variety of digestible ways. With one look, the user can explore country rankings, scores and changes from 2010-2015.

In previous years, the Global Talent Index was presented primarily in a static format. By emphasizing critical data points through dynamic visual presentation, companies were empowered with quick access to objective data. In turn, this data could be utilized to inform and support strategies for talent development.