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TCS Education System

An Entrepreneurial Nonprofit Education System

TCS Education System is an entrepreneurial, not-for-profit educational enterprise dedicated to training professionals in high-level, applied fields to use their knowledge and skills to serve the greater good. Affiliated schools each focus exclusively in one area: Psychology, Education, and Law.

TCS sought interactive partners to collaborate in a strategic digital makeover, encompassing the redesign of three existing sites, the launch of three new sites and the implementation of a CMS system to support the system's growth.

AlphaZeta teamed with Lipman Hearne to deliver on this substantial project. Lipman Hearne focused on interactive marketing and interface design. AlphaZeta spearheaded CMS vendor selection, in addition to the back-end architecture, project development and implementation of the CMS for all experiences.

We quickly determined that CMS selection would be our central task for the project. We needed a platform to support all of TCS's current affiliate schools, while also providing scalability. After gathering requirements from TCS, we had an open field of possibilities. Working closely with Lipman Hearne during interface design, we refined criteria to judge CMS candidates and, ultimately, pick the best platform.

TCS requirements and design elements narrowed our CMS vendor possibilities down to 32. From here, we evaluated each CMS based on features and functionality—from hands on use to demos and discussions with the vendor in person.

Each CMS was scored objectively, and the top five solutions were presented to the client selection team. The client selected three finalists, which were then subjected to a rigorous test of 40 real world scenarios. From there, a clear choice became apparent.

Seamless, our final CMS selection, facilitated the release of all websites by target launch dates. This robust platform came with added functionality: Seamless efficiently supports user customization—enabling non-technical users to update jQuery slideshows and more.

We readily admit: Seamless, an Australian company, was not the obvious partner at the outset. But over the course of a comprehensive review, they clearly became the "best choice" for client and project. Teaming with Seamless also helped introduce their brand to the U.S. market, creating a new and rewarding collaboration with AlphaZeta.